Thursday, December 11, 2008


"That's not poop. It's a meatball!"
(I can assure you it was most definitely NOT a meatball.)

"Baby's tired. She needs her tag."
(This is what Leila said about her dolly. Leila has to suck her fingers and touch the tag of
her blanket when she goes to sleep. Apparently her dolly does too!)

"This is Mary, this is Baby Jesus, and this is that guy that was with Mary."
"You mean Joseph?"
"Yeah, the guy that helped her find the barn."
(The Christmas story of course!)

And perhaps the funniest conversation we've had recently occurred after we'd had our Christmas picture taken. The girls were pointing out who each person was in the photo. They both recognize each other in recent photos and can obviously tell each other apart. Leila pointed to a picture of herself and said "That's Sarah." Jason and I laughed and told her she can't trick us! Then she smiled sweetly and said "No, I Sarah. I want to touch your hair." And this is hilarious because Sarah is our little hair twirler. She will come up and sit on my lap and ask to touch my hair. Leila thinks that she is smarter than us! I find it a bit scary that she's trying to pretend to be her twin sister already. She is only two!

Is this something I have to look forward to with both sets of twins? Do all identical twins pretend to be each other at some point? I'm guessing it's a normal developmental thing. Should make things even more interesting in our house!
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