Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to the Freak Show

I remember back in January that I made a comment about how having 2 double strollers attracted a lot of attention. We'd get stopped constantly by people asking if we had 2 sets of twins. Of course this was before we actually even HAD 2 sets of twins. Jason has always felt like we were on display, like some kind of "freak show."

Imagine the looks we get when we go out with this monstrosity, aka "The Beast." So far we have only gone around our neighborhood but eventually I will have to venture out in public. I'm a little nervous about it already!

Today was my first time driving since the babies were born. I took all 4 of the boys to a doctor's appointment (to get Diflucan for the thrush) and to OT/ST. Fortunately I have a friend (thanks Christen!) who was willing to watch the girls so I only needed to bring the double stroller. I am happy to report that we all survived our little adventure! I'm also happy to report that Matthew graduated from OT today!

Now if we can just get this nasty thrush to go away, these little guys would be much happier.

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