Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 weeks

I can't believe that these little boys will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I'm still sitting here wondering what happened and how they got to be on the outside of my body!

Thank you all for the kind words, prayers, and positive thoughts that you have sent my way. I know that most of the comments about the healthy babies being all that matters were meant to emphasize the bright side of the situation. I know no harm was intended. My own mother is ignorant of the importance of homebirth to me so perhaps I shouldn't expect the general public to understand. But those of you who "get it", you know what I mean.

A good friend said it perfectly when she emailed me the other day and wrote this:
"Perhaps it's a symptom of a society that doesn't view the path to achievement as an integral part of success. A self-made millionaire and a lottery winner are both wealthy, but the process is important, too. The values inherent in the path to wealth can influence the outcome after wealth achievement. (Though they don't have to.) How is the path to parenthood different?"

So far my recovery from the cesarean has gone fairly well. Aside from the relentless back pain that is finally starting to ease up, I think most of my pain has subsided. Of course that all changes when I start vacuuming and cleaning the house instead of trying to take it easy. But who can take it easy with 6 children? Especially when 4 of them are 2 and under!
This morning it was not even 7:30am when M showed up in my bedroom with this toad. He was so excited to show it to me! He loves catching lizards, frogs, toads, turtles, and anything else he can find in the backyard. He keeps me on my toes.

You'll all be glad to know that my swelling has gone down quite a bit. My feet still ache but I can almost wear my regular shoes. My ankles are ankles again and not the tree trunks I had grown used to over the last 3 months. I still can't get my wedding rings back onto my fingers though. I have about 35 lbs to lose before I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight so I'm sure the rest of the extra fluid will be leaving soon. My goal is to be back to normal (is there such a thing?) by Christmas. Too bad my class reunion is on October 4th. I'm definitely missing out on that, as much as I'd LOVE to shock my former classmates.

Unfortunately we are battling thrush right now. I had it when the girls were newborns too and it lasted a good 5 weeks. I am hoping I caught it fast enough this time so that it won't become an ordeal . The gentian violet has really helped and my nipples are very grateful. However, the babies now have a nasty diaper rash so we are working on that.

Gentian violet stains everything purple. At least it's my favorite color.

Sarah looks like the Joker.

Leila is always the clean eater.

Tonight Nathan wowed us all when he rolled over. I was letting the babies have their first experience with "tummy time" so that I could let their little heinies air out from the rash. Nathan pushed himself up with his arms and rolled onto his back. Matthew was so excited! Now he is asking when they will start to crawl. (Hopefully not for a long, LONG time...)

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