Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The New Ride

It was a special day for the kids when a big package arrived on our doorstep. And what was it? The new stroller! The girls wanted to test out their new ride and the boys were eager to push them around in it. Right now this is the only stroller we have until the quad stroller gets here. (My mom picked it up from out of state and it's in her garage until after the babies are born.)

It's strange to have just one stroller and it's even stranger to not have my trusty Maclaren anymore. It's in good hands now (thanks Christen!) but I will miss it. That stroller was my absolute favorite stroller and I used it through all 4 kiddos. I never thought I'd find another double stroller that was as easy to steer, folded up so compactly, or was so easy to use. But we did!

The new Chicco Trevi Twin stroller is just as fabulous! It's lightweight and easy to fold & unfold. It's very easy to steer-even for a 5-year old who ran into a few walls while testing it out in the house. The storage baskets are huge and easy to reach. And although I can't personally vouch for it, the seats look pretty darn comfortable! One of my favorite parts is the cup holder for my water bottle-something my Maclaren was missing.

We had a few fights over who would ride in the stroller because the boys still think they need to ride too. Actually, they do ride in strollers if we go anywhere with lots of walking because Joshua is a little slow (and clumsy) and Matthew is a little... well, those of you who know him will know what I mean. He's got a mind of his own!

I'm still trying to figure out how we'll handle everything when the new babies come. I could always put them in the Mei Tais and let the girls ride in the stroller while the boys walk. If I ever leave the house alone with all 6 kids I will definitely have to use the quad stroller though. I don't see a way around that.

The girls were waving good-bye since they assumed we would be going somewhere now that they had strapped themselves into the stroller. Unfortunately Mommy is too big and hot to go outside these days so our "walk" was around the house. Sorry to disappoint you Jen but I'm thinking a marathon is out for now. (Thanks again for the awesome stroller though!)

Yesterday was my first weekly doctor's appointment. I've been putting off the weekly visits because I get so stressed out going to them. However, I have been pleasantly surprised lately. My doctor has been totally cool with me refusing NSTs and various other "routine" testing. I go in and have the BPP, see him for a few minutes and then I'm done. I feel good about the babies' well being because they are both so active. The BPPs always look great and no signs of TTTS have popped up yet.

I'm 34 weeks (as of yesterday) and Baby A (formerly Baby B) is still vertex. He weighs about 5 lbs, 5 oz. Baby B is a sneaky guy! He has been transverse for a few weeks now with his head to the left of my bellybutton with his butt up under my ribs and his feet on my right side. During the u/s yesterday he had flipped and was still transverse but his head was on my right. By the time the u/s was finished he had moved back to his usual position with his head on the left. And people think babies can't flip this late in pregnancy? Puh-lease!

The other interesting thing about the appointment yesterday was a set of surprise 3D pictures. I have always been weirded out by the 3D images of babies in the womb. I'm not a fan of u/s by any means and view it as a necessary evil in a monochorionic twin pregnancy. The technician yesterday did not say a word and just started a 3D scan when she finished the BPP. I was creeped out by the first picture but then was just amazed by the next two pictures.

Baby B (formerly Baby A) was in the perfect position to get clear shots of his face. His brother is too low in my pelvis so we can never see his head very well at all. The tech got a great shot of Baby B's face with Baby A's foot right in front of it! You can't even tell that there is a membrane between them. It is so amazing!

My favorite picture though, was the last one. We've all been wondering whether the babies would look like me or Jason. So far Matthew is the only child that even remotely resembles me. He has Jason's brown eyes though. The girls have my blue eyes. And Joshua is just an exact replica of Daddy. I am not at all surprised to report that the new baby boys are more clones of Jason. Of course we don't know what hair and eye color they'll have but as far as facial features go, they are 100% Daddy. Six kids and only ONE resembles me? This just further confirms my suspicions that Jason's mutant genes are responsible for all of the twinning.

Here is "Baby B!" Yes, the babies are still nameless. Yes, I know we are running out of time.

For comparison, here are pictures of Joshua and the girls as newborns. See what I mean?

For those of you wondering about the birth plans I will tell you that I am planning another homebirth. It should be here in the same house where the girls were born unless by some miracle our house sells in the next 6 weeks! More on the birth plans later...

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