Friday, May 30, 2008

Pictures from our trip

There are more pictures but they are on my other camera so I'll just start with these...We had a little "party" for the girls at my mom's house. It was small-just my mom & her husband, my grandma, and Jason's 2 sisters and their families. The girls had gotten the hang of the whole birthday cake thing, so they were more than ready to do it again.

Sarah was eagerly anticipating the cake part of the party!

This time I made a Carebear cake for the girls. The flaming mess you see is Jason's birthday cake. His birthday is the week after the girls' birthday so we celebrated both at once. If I knew how to upload pictures from my cell phone, I'd share the hilarious picture of Jason at his birthday dinner. They made him wear a sombrero!

We had a great time watching the kids devour lollipops (thanks to Aunt Jessie) and the guys chugged root beer. The kids don't get to see their cousin Alyssa very often so it was a special day.

At some point during the sickness, I came up to bed to find this scene. Both girls and Joshua had climbed into my bed. I had to laugh-and then I had to carry all three of them back to their beds. That double bed is nowhere near big enough for me. I need our king size if I'm sharing!

The girls enjoyed some new Veggie Tales movies that Grandma bought for them. They love the veggies. They can both sing the theme song, word for word. I need to record that because it is quite a riot!

And just for comparison, here is a picture of me at 25 weeks with the girls.

And 24 weeks with these new boys. I'm a little bigger, but much lower. Yesterday a bagger at the commissary thought I was due any day. I'm only measuring a few weeks shy of 40, so I guess I'll be getting that a lot now.
This kid is just 100% boy. He loves dirt. He loves bugs. He loves lizards. He is a mess. at my mom's he made a mound of dirt in her backyard and went out to sit in it and dig with sticks at every chance he could get. Here he is back home with his latest find.

Have I mentioned that I love this boy? He is so much fun. When he's not killing his siblings.

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