Friday, May 23, 2008

It's ok, you can laugh at me

Ahh, it just keeps getting better!

Yesterday I went to wake the girls up from their nap and discovered that the little hellions had gotten into my heartburn medication. It's the Mommy's Bliss Pregnancy Heartburn Comfort and there were roughly 60 tablets in the bottle. The girls scaled a dresser and devoured all but 10 of them. Aside from some nasty, chalky poop they are completely fine.

I spent the evening yesterday at Urgent Care so that J could get a breathing treatment for his asthma. He has bronchitis again and the other kids all have upper respiratory infections. The doctor actually said L has a double ear infection but she's not in any pain so I'm not sure I believe it. The doctor didn't mention fluid in the ear, just redness. Of course they tried to push antibiotics but you know how I feel about that.

All of my constant coughing has caused me to pull an abdominal muscle. I have a very painful tummy now and it hurts to even move.

Meanwhile, Jason is having a great time with an empty house. He's painting and doing projects. He's hanging out with friends. He sounds so happy!

My time in VA is almost done. My mother's house is trashed, the kids are whining about going home, and we've shared our cooties with everyone. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
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