Thursday, April 17, 2008

The big ultrasound results

I'm feeling more and more optimistic as this pregnancy progresses!

On Tuesday I had the first big ultrasound. The babies are measuring close in size which is great news. One of the signs of TTTS is growth discordance.

The next bit of good news was that the doc is pretty sure that my placenta is moving away from the cervical os. He believes that it should move completely off of the cervix but is still concerned about the risk of accreta. The placenta is still over my cesarean scar and may not move away from it completely. I'm still thinking positive thoughts about it though.

An interesting note is that I have a band of scar tissue that runs across the side of my uterus. It's something I've never even heard of before so I know nothing about it other than what the doctor has told me. He said it can be a risk to the babies if they become entangled it it but he believes that mine is close enough the side of my uterus that it probably won't be a problem. It is the weirdest looking thing on ultrasound-it looks like a thick appendage hanging off of my uterus. Very strange.

Here's Baby A and a clear shot of the weird band of scar tissue. It's the thing sticking out right in front of the baby's face!

This is Baby A yawning. You can see the scar tissue again.

This is Baby B who was right beside Baby A. They were both positioned with their heads down, side by side.

This is Baby B's leg. We have this exact same picture from the girls' ultrasound when I was 22 weeks pregnant with them.

That's pretty much it! No news is good news, right? Both babies are big and healthy. My uterus is measuring 23 cm at 18 weeks. I've gained 19 lbs so I'm up to 151 lbs now. Hopefully I won't pass Jason's weight this time!

After going back and forth on finding out the sex, we decided to find out. If you remember, I had a weird pregnancy dream about quads-one girl and 3 boys. Then I had a dream about twin girls followed by a dream about twin boys. I haven't had any "signs" like I did in the past. I didn't have a strong feeling one way or the other. I also have no gender preference. I have always pictured myself to have a house full of boys though, and was very apprehensive about having the girls because I'm so not a girly girl myself. I relate so well to my boys!

These babies were feeling very cooperative! And yes, the glimpse I caught a few weeks ago was definitely what we thought it was...

Yep, those are 2 penises sticking out! Two very identical, very proud baby boys! I am over the moon right now!!!

Now begins the fun of choosing names. Jason is (shall we say) not very helpful when choosing names. I have a long list of boy names and several combinations that I would prefer. I think it will be awhile before we agree on anything though.


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