Sunday, March 09, 2008

The last month in pictures

We started off February with a visit from my dad. He lives in Denver so we don't see him very often. The kids love him and they really missed him when he left. He is great with them and much more patient than me. Unfortunately the timing of his trip this time was when I was in the worst of my morning (all day!) sickness. We still had a great time though.

The day before my dad left was the day J started popping out chicken pox. It started as a few bumps on his head and quickly progressed. This picture was after the spots had all crusted over so he was feeling good again. He had an average case and it did irritate his asthma a little but he was fine and it passed quickly.

About 2 weeks after J first got the pox everyone else got them. The girls had the mildest cases. M had the most severe case. L had very few on her body but got a few big pox on her face. Poor girl looked awful! Luckily they all healed pretty well and she only has a few marks now that I'm hoping will eventually fade away.

S was lucky because you couldn't even tell she had chicken pox! Ahh, the miracle of breastmilk. I don't think it's a coincidence that the 2 nurslings had the mildest cases of chicken pox out of all 4 kids. This also meant they were the least uncomfortable and so that was great for ME!

Poor M. He had so many spots that we lost count. He was pretty much covered on his back and torso with a few on his face and some in his hair. He had some on his limbs but they weren't covered like the rest of him. He was a trooper though! He was so excited to get the pox because he knew that meant special treats like camping out in my room all night and watching videos all day. He is such a sweet kid when he's sick too. So calm and nice.

M is also very sweet when he's asleep. Here he is in Delmar's dog bed. He climbed in there and passed out. Who says 5-year olds don't need naps?

Here are my troublemakers. These girls keep me on my toes! They had a special treat of chocolate ice cream. After they finished they climbed onto the dining room table-very quietly. When I came out of the kitchen this is what I found.

And this.

And here's my first belly shot that I'm going to share. Jason hates taking pictures for me so he waits until I'm talking and then snaps one. And then refuses to take another. So here I am running my mouth! (A classic Heather shot for those who know me.) I'm 12ish weeks here.

And here they are, my sweet children. This was a rare moment when they were all quiet together (they were eating of course!) The boys even have their arms around the girls! Moments like this make the crazy days all worth it.

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