Saturday, January 12, 2008


For some reason (and despite the queasiness that has recently taken hold) I have this terrible, nagging feeling that I am going to lose this baby. Then I have another little concern that is haunting me... twins. I know the odds (1 in 70,000 of having 2 sets of identical twins)are in my favor that this would NOT be twins but I can't help but wonder because of how I feel. And the moms at my MOMs meeting all scared me on Thursday with tales of other MOMs who have had 2 sets of twins, even 2 sets of identical twins.

So why am I worrying so much? I don't remember worrying this much with my last pregnancy and that was my first pregnancy after a "chemical pregnany" or very early miscarriage. I just hope this worrying is all for nothing, especially since the boys are so excited about another baby. (Why does Matthew insist it's triplets?!)

Leila was playing around and kicking me in the belly yesterday and I told her to be gentle because Mommy has a baby in her belly. She immediately pulled down the neck of my shirt and peered into it to see where this baby was hiding. I think she thought I stole one of her dolls!
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