Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spilling the Beans

I'm too tired to think of a cutesy way of saying this... so I'll just spill the beans.

I'm pregnant!

Please, no "hands full" comments or I just might lose my mind. That would be why we aren't telling any of our family yet! It's a little secret for now!

And guess what decided to start last night when I was at a birth? Morning sickness. Yay! At least it makes me feel better about this little one sticking around in there.

I have the distinct honor of being hugely pregnant in the awful, humid, nasty Georgia summer. And just so you know the least weight I've ever gained is 50 lbs so be prepared to see a bigger, badder me in any future pictures. And I have big, bad babies too. I secretly wonder if this baby will weigh more than Joshua (11 lbs, 1 oz.) Wouldn't THAT be something?

So there you have it. I have lost my mind. M will be 5, J will be 4 and the girls will be 2 when this baby arrives. And I'm betting I'll be nursing 3 again!

(I'm so excited!!!!!)
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