Friday, December 07, 2007

Joshua's surgery

Joshua had his surgery to fix his tongue yesterday. The surgery itself went well and only lasted about 15 minutes. Unfortunately he had a reaction to the anesthesia so the recovery part was not so easy.

They came out to tell me that he was out of surgery and that I could meet him in recovery. As the nurse led me back there he said that Joshua was having some trouble and then said "you can probably hear him now." I could hear a hysterical child who was screaming at the top of his lungs but it did not sound like Josh!

Sure enough, I got back there and found Joshua wearing nothing but underwear (mouth bloody) and being restrained by 2 nurses with a third standing by the bedside. Joshua had ripped off his gown, pants, and blanket along with every monitor and cord attached to him. He stood on the bed as the nurses held him and he writhed around screaming in anger.

For those of you who know Joshua, you understand that this is totally out of character for him. He is the sweetest, calmest, most gentle and caring boy I have ever met. If Matthew had been in that bed I would not have been so shaken but to see Joshua acting so strange was a little upsetting for me!

It took me 15 minutes to calm him down and I tried to hold him back as he hit, pinched, and kicked the nurses. He tried to bite them and even managed to squirm free and kick one male nurse in the jaw. It was quite a scene! He was very violent! The nurses explained that it was from the anesthesia and as it wore off he returned to his normal self.

After he was calm and they took his vitals again we headed home. He's fine now and has been taking some Tylenol for the pain. He is so happy though! I don't think he remembers how he woke up. I'm a bit pissed that I was not back there with them when he woke up because I think he would have been more calm if I was there.

Oh, and the funniest part? I was laughing out loud when he was given his narcotics before the surgery. He was falling over in the bed and was laughing and slurring his speech. His eyes were rolling around in his head. He was acting so silly! He is such a funny kid anyway but when he's high, watch out!
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