Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're home!

We actually got home on Saturday but I have been really busy. What's new, right?

I drove up to VA by myself with the kids because I intended to stay longer than Jason. It ended up that he came up 2 days after me and we left on the same day. There was some family drama with my mom who insisted we NOT visit her at all because of the possibility of the kids getting chicken pox. I insisted that since she had already had them the chances were very low that she would get them again but she told me that I'm not a doctor. Of course the kids never got the pox.

I got to see my dad which was nice. He lives in Denver and I only see him once a year. This year was the exception because his mom died so I flew home earlier this year and saw him then too. He loves to see the kids!

My brother is anxiously awaiting his court date so he can get his legal troubles behind him. I'm hoping that he still leaves for the Army as planned but I'm doubting he really will...

Our drive home last weekend was especially exciting because J had to pee every hour! The normally 8-9 hour drive took an extra 2 hours. He's not drinking more but somehow he is peeing a lot now. His tongue surgery is a week from today.

Coming back home was so incredibly hard for us this time. I really hate where we live and I can't wait until we get to move away from here. I love my friends here and I like our house, but I can't get past the other things that drive me nuts. The ignorance and racial intolerance are overwhelming and I really despise the weather. It really makes the DC traffic and cost of living look nice for some strange reason. Perhaps it is just the difficulty of living so far from our family that makes me homesick? We had such a great time at Jason's sister's house that it was hard for us to leave.

I am busy preparing for our film screening of "The Business of Being Born" on Saturday. I am nervously anticipating how large the turnout will be and what the discussion panel after the film will be like. I wrote a long article for a local paper only to wake this morning and discover it was ditched in favor of the little blurb:

Last night M fell while running and cracked his head pretty bad. He had a very pointy goose egg immediately but some Arnica helped to shrink it down a little by this morning.

We also made gingerbread houses last night and the kids had a blast! It was a nice break from the stress of this long week. Here are some pictures:

This is a wetbag I made for a friend. It turned out so cute! I LOVE this fabric.
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