Friday, November 09, 2007

Pictures and more updates

Joshua's surgery is scheduled for 12/6 and it should be really quick and easy. They are going to give him gas to knock him out and then they put the IV in when he's asleep. Then they clamp his tongue and cut the frenulum and cauterize it. No stitches! I am going to try and get them to let me stay in the OR while they do it. I know he will be scared before he goes to sleep. When he wakes up in recovery Jason and I will be there. He's just such a sensitive little guy! He'll only stay for a few hours after the surgery for monitoring and then he'll be home.

Yesterday we had a false alarm with Sarah's lab results. The stupid lab mixed it up and her doctor tried to tell us she was severely dehydrated. I told her doctor that I was 100% positive that she was fine. I feel absolutely terrible that I let them stick her again so they could get the results and see that it was just a lab error. This would be why we never go to the doctor!!!! And of course I was right all along and the girls do not have any metabolic disorders. They are just small-and healthy! Maybe are going to be tall and skinny like their mommy (used to be!)

Joshua also has allergy testing on 12/11 because they suspect he has asthma. I think he does because I have it and he sounds just like me as a kid-coughing all the time even when he's not sick. He's had several bouts of bronchitis this year and has a cough whenever he runs around or cries. He also wheezes sometimes, especially at night.

No update yet on the chicken pox... We won't know if we caught them until next week. I am still hopeful!

We leave for VA in one week. When we get back I will have one day to prepare before my ICAN chapter hosts the sneak preview of "The Business of Being Born." I have been cutting fabric like crazy to try and get some projects ready to sew while I'm in VA. I also made this cute tote bag set for my friend's son who is having a birthday party tomorrow.

The bag is reversible and I made a little pouch for crayons and a cover for a little notebook. I was in a rush and the stitching on the bottom left corner of the bag is off but otherwise it is pretty cute! It's for a special little boy who shares my love for cows!

Speaking of birthdays, did I mention that Matthew turned 5 last week? I can't believe I have a 5-year old now! He was so happy and he even stayed up until midnight the night before so he could open all of his birthday gifts. We are being very anal about gifts now. He received an awesome wooden train table, the entire PlanCity, some marble tracks, and some Automoblox. He insisted that his cake have Shamu on it because (for those of you who don't know him) he has been obsessed with Shamu since we visited Sea World when we lived in Texas over 2 years ago. This was his picture as the clock turned to midnight!

The cake had sloppy writing because (yet again) I could not find my decorating tip!

Here are my little trick-or-treaters. And below is my 3-hole punch Jason. Nobody knew who he was so I guess nobody watches The Office around here.These girls were just mesmerized by Dora the Explorer!

Then they decided to pose for me.

And then there were kisses. I swear I love these kids so much that it hurts.

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