Sunday, August 05, 2007

Where I've been...

Thursday I attended the breastfeeding coalition luncheon. It was a little disappointing as I got the impression that the lady running it does not think that LLL Leaders are as qualified to give breastfeeding advice as the nurses in the hospital. She made a comment to me about them (the coalition) being "medical professionals." Not sure what she was implying. Ironic, considering most people see LLL as a leading authority on breastfeeding since LLL has been around for 50 years now.

Friday night one of my clients had her baby. It was a crazy experience. I won't go into detail, but basically she was threatened and harassed by the doctor on call after she got to the hospital. We were there for less than 2 hours before her baby arrived though. She had a natural birth with no IV, no hospital gown, no interventions of any kind, and she pushed when she felt the urge and was not coached. It was about as close to homebirth as you can get in a hospital!

I am taking the month of August off, although I did promise a friend that I would watch her baby when she attends a birth. I'll be out of town for our annual beach trip though and it's right around the mom's due date so I may not even have to help out with that. It's nice to have a little break after 2 months of back-to-back births. My next mom is due in September and I'm limiting myself to 1 client per month during the holiday season.

Here's the girls the way I found them asleep the other night. L moves a lot in her sleep. Can you tell?

J was painted like a Ninja Turtle at a friend's birthday party on Saturday.

In 3 short weeks we'll be headed to the beach! It's something my family does every year but last year was the first year we went with them. My mom, grandmother, and aunt rent a 4-bedroom condo on the beach and last year Jason and I brought the kids and had a great time. This time Jason is staying home because he can't take leave during this class he's taking.

It will be interesting to see how I manage the kids with just my mom there to help. She and I butt heads frequently, especially in regards to parenting. She seems to think that any parenting choices I make that differ from hers are somehow an insult. I've never implied that and I sure as hell don't think it. My mom was a single mother so our circumstances are quite different. I've told her before that my choices are not a reflection of the way I feel about how she raised me. I guess it's hard for her to watch me do things so differently and keep her mouth shut when she disagrees.

I'm sure there will be lots of drama, as always. Without Jason there as a buffer it will be interesting. I do know that I won't be sleeping in the van if we fight this time though. Never again! I know it;s stressful for her to be around my kids since she's not used to their... umm... energy.

The girls and their messy hair. We're growing their hair long so we are trying to avoid cutting it and they now have these long pieces in the front that hang into their eyes. S will NOT let me pull it back so lately they are running around looking like this instead!

This week will be very, very busy as I scramble to do the last minute solicitations for this picnic on Saturday. I'm starting to stress about the details already. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about being on call that day. That's a relief! I still have 246 emails that I MUST get to before vacation.

And lastly, here's L modeling a hat that I just finished knitting. It doesn't look like much BUT it's my first project besides the scarves that I made in the winter. I had to adjust the pattern since the girls have little heads and then I adjusted it a little too much so this turned out kind of small. I'm making the next one bigger and might make a third one and just save this one for the next baby. I'm so proud! I learned how to do decreases and make an i-cord on this project. Next up will be a very cute penguin hat for J!

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