Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Close call

I survived the day. The kids did too... just barely.

We left this morning and headed to the jumping place. The kids enjoyed almost 2 hours of crazy fun. There were 12 kids there from our LLL group between the 5 moms and then about that many kids there with other parents. It was a lot of fun!

After that we decided to go have some super healthy lunch at McDonald's. My innocent little girls enjoyed their first Happy Meal. We never eat there so the boys were totally excited. I guess I'm not a fun mom since I deprive them of soda, fries, and all that is good in life. I got their Happy Meals with apples and juice. I did the same for the boy I was babysitting and of course he was upset that I didn't get him fries. Oh well, live & learn.

When we were leaving McD's I had the 3 boys hold onto the girls' stroller as we walked out to the van. We stopped to say goodbye to a friend and when we did M let go of the stroller and started heading over to the van. There were 2 vehicles in between us and the van and one began backing up just as M passed behind it. The guy did not see him and came within inches of hitting him. I watched in horror and it felt like slow motion. M came to the side of the truck and the guy saw him and stopped immediately. He pulled back into the parking spot and I ran to retrieve Matthew.

I grabbed M and brought him back to the stroller. The guy pulled out again and asked if he was ok and we both apologized to each other. He was so concerned! I was so thankful that he was paying attention and that he saw M in time. I was shaking so hard that I had to wait a few minutes before driving off. M and Jason and I had a long talk about listening to Mommy.

I think I may have gotten another gray hair today. And, YES, I have had gray hairs before even at my "young" age!

Here's what we did this evening...

A quick stroll around the neighborhood in the stifling heat! This wagon is HEAVY when you're going uphill! Jason walked the dog and yours truly got her evening workout.

We came back from our walk and enjoyed some ice cream!

L observed from the floor. Next was bath time for all 4 kiddos. This involves me getting soaked of course.

Then L tries to make her great escape. I always have to chase her down to get her dressed!
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