Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Random thoughts

Just had to post this cartoon that I saw over at Stacie's blog. It couldn't be more fitting since our local paper recently had an article about annoying behaviors and nursing in public was mentioned. Apparently it's only ok here if you cover up with a blanket.

In other news, I was at a beautiful birth on Saturday. It was the mom's second baby and first homebirth. Her husband was amazing and stayed by her side and provided incredible support. He did counter pressure, massaged her, and held her up as she pushed. What a great guy!

I still have a July mom who has not had her baby. I know she is getting anxious and I'm praying that her baby arrives before she succumbs to the pressure of interventions. She is expecting her third baby and I think she will have a fast birth once she gets going.

I am just a little crazy-did you realize that yet? I decided that our LLL group should host a World Breastfeeding Week event. What started as a simple picnic has now turned into a concert, picnic, raffle, and huge event with press releases, publicity, proclamations from the Mayor, and lots and lots of planning! I have 282 unread emails right now. I think I'm in trouble!
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