Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our weekend in pictures

It all started on Friday... It was the last day of M's basketball camp. He had a blast aside from some social issues with the other kids at first. He has a hard time interacting with kids sometimes and he begged me not to take him each morning but had a great time once he got there! He was so proud of himself and he learned some new skills and really perfected his dribbling.
I had my "mommy's helper" here most of the week for the first time ever! She's great with the kids except that she still IS a kid (just turned 12), so sometimes she plops on the couch to watch TV and forgets that there are 4 little ones running around. I got a lot of sewing done with her here so that felt great! I made 6 diapers on Friday and fixed the elastic on 2 old ones for a friend.

Friday afternoon, as I was sewing, my helper came running back to my office carrying L. "Miss Heather! Miss Heather! Leila's bleeding! She fell!" I came sprinting out to see her holding L in her arms, blood everywhere. I grabbed L and looked to see where she was bleeding. It was coming from her mouth but it was all over her face and chest so it was hard to tell at first. I went to the kitchen and sat L on the counter with a wet washcloth. I wiped the blood away but it was coming out so fast! I had blood all over me by this point. I could finally see that it was her upper lip and frenulum. I put an ice cube in the cloth and held it there for a minute but L was getting really angry. I finally just nursed her so she would stop crying. After she finished I inspected her mouth again and the bleeding had stopped. She tore through her upper frenulum and busted her lip pretty well. She's fine today though, just has a fat lip and a hole in her upper gums.

Friday evening I decided to abandon all dignity and dress everyone as cows to get free dinner at Chick-fil-A. I took my helper and the kids and got free meals for 7 people for FREE! It was humiliating wearing my cow costume but I took it off when we got back outside with the food. The kids of course LOVED dressing up and thought it was hilarious. I did NOT get a picture of all of dressed up, thank goodness. I have to preserve a tiny bit of self respect, right?

Saturday we had tee ball in the morning. The boys did great, as always! J hit a line drive to third base and M slammed a couple into the outfield. In the afternoon I got a call from one of my July clients saying her water was leaking. I did not sleep well last night as I waited for a phone call telling me to hurry over. The call never came. I talked to her today and the leaking has stopped and she is not in labor. I was sort of hoping she'd have the baby this weekend so I wouldn't have to worry about childcare and the possibility of her laboring at the same time as the other July mom. As my midwife friend says, it will all work out!

Today we went to church and stopped for donuts on the way home. The boys were hopped up on sugar and played outside all afternoon. It was supposed to rain but never did. I got some cleaning done and spent the rest of the day wondering (worrying) about whether my period is about to come or if I could be... I can't even say the word. You KNOW what I mean though. And needless to say, I'm worried. I haven't had a period since July 2005 and the girls are still nursing at night and all day long but I've never made it longer than 13 months without getting *pregnant* (there, I said it!) so the girls are almost 15 months now and I'm seriously going to lose my mind.

Speaking of nursing, World Breastfeeding Week is coming up in August. In celebration, the Celebrity Baby Blog is hosting another breastfeeding gallery. Last year I sent a picture of me with the girls at 6 weeks of age. You can see it here. It was this picture and next to it is M nursing a Carebear:

Here's the photo I sent in this year:

You can see the entire gallery here. I can't believe it's been a year and I'm no longer nursing 3 (J weaned last fall aside from a few relapses since then.) Now I have 2 squirmy little girls who can sit up on my lap to nurse (like in the picture above) or sometimes even stand up. They are so silly! S likes to twirl L's hair around her fingers. She just loves hair! It's really sweet to watch them fall asleep when S has a little strand of L's hair in her hand. She's super gentle too. Ahh, I love having twins on days like this!

So that was our weekend. Now PLEASE someone tell me I'm not... well... you know...
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