Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last year

Last July my sweet girls looked like this.
And they stayed where you put them. If you set them down they didn't get up and RUN away! One year later these girls are not much bigger but now they run, talk, and interact with each other. It's amazing!

Soon we will be taking our trip to the beach again. Last year the girls spent the time laying in the tent on the beach. This year I am thinking it will not be so easy. Especially when you consider that Jason will not be there to help! I am sure there will be some eating of sand like M used to do when he was that age.

Speaking of M, here's a funny story from today. We were at the boys' tee ball game and Jason commented about how M is like Rainman. He has been told to go after the ball when he's in the outfield, then return to his spot. So what does he do? Exactly that. And ONLY that. He runs, gets the ball and returns to his spot like a little robot. He ignores everything else going on and any other directions the coaches are shouting. Just retrieves the ball. The coaches say he's the best outfielder they've got! We took some video of him today because it's so cute!
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