Friday, July 20, 2007

Just another article about c-sections

I came across this article today. It talks about the rising cesarean rate and how it goes against the first rule of medicine-first do no harm. It's refreshing to hear doctors that are concerned enough to speak out against the increase in cesareans. The article quotes Dr. Marsden Wagner, author of "Born in America" who I had the pleasure of meeting twice not long ago.

I'm not sure who reads my blog and I'm not sure I bore everyone to death talking about birth and breastfeeding and c-sections... But most women AREN'T interested in hearing about cesarean prevention because they don't think it will happen to THEM. Unfortunately, these days every pregnant woman needs to know about this issue. One in three mothers will deliver via cesarean. ONE IN THREE!!!

Lately I've been thinking about some recents contacts I've had... through ICAN and as a doula. I wonder if the mom who decided not to hire me as her doula because I cautioned her against elective induction at 38 weeks decided to go ahead with it? I wonder if the mom who contacted me about her T-incision will decided to go for a VBAC? I wonder if the mom with 3 previous cesareans will get the HBAC she wants?

And completely of topic, but WHY won't J stop SCREAMING??? Every single time M looks at him the wrong way he screams at the top of his lungs! Is this because he was non-verbal for so long? It's driving me crazy! Is this a phase? He's been like this for months now and I'm really over it. He's the sweetest, quietest kid for the most part.

And in other news, I've no longer got a mommy's helper. It was turning out to be more work than help unfortunately. I was making lunch for a 5th kid, cleaning up after a 5th kid, using gas to drive back and forth to get her and drop her off, and then I was paying her to play with my boys while the girls napped. I've decided that what I REALLY need is a maid! Anyone know where I can get one who won't cause Jason to need a second job?
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