Friday, July 06, 2007

Date night

Here are the portraits from the Army Ball. We got them back today.

Last night was our first date night in almost 5 years! Jason took me to dinner at a little German restaurant downtown. The food was delicious! We had dessert and then headed to a movie. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean and it was great! (I'm disappointed today though because Jason told me we missed the ending that came on after the credits)

I worried about the kids a lot but my friend did an awesome job with them! I texted her to check on them and she was reading them bedtime stories. My breasts were so engorged by the time we got home though. It was a long night! We had so much time and it was just awesome to be with my husband and sit through a meal without getting up or feeding someone else or worrying about how loud we're being. Wow, that felt good! Thanks Jen!!!!

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