Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sleeping Update

I am shocked to report that S is now sleeping through the night. It's been 3 nights now so I feel somewhat confident admitting it. L on the other hand, is still up 2 or 3 times a night. Last night my breasts were so engorged! I couldn't sleep and ended up pumping this morning to help relieve the pain. I am still not sleeping through the night since L is up nursing and it's just strange not to have babies in my bed. I am guessing this means that my cycles will be returning soon though.

The girls are sleeping in their own room but are sharing a crib. For now it seems to be working! I am sad that the girls are not in our bed. It's a tough transition for me to make. Last night M asked if he could sleep with me since the girls are in their own bed. I had to laugh since this comes from the only child of mine who did not like to cosleep as an infant. Of course there were quite a few nights when the twins were newborns when we had all 6 of us in the bed together. I wouldn't trade that for the world! There is nothing like having the ones you love most snuggled up to you under the covers.

In other news... Yesterday a photographer came to the house to take pictures of the girls for her portfolio. She was looking for twins and offered free session so I couldn't resist! It was much easier to have her come here for the photo shoot than me dragging the kids to the mall for 4 hours like we did last year while Jason was gone and we wanted Christmas pictures.

The pictures were ready this morning and turned out beautifully! S was very cooperative and loved the camera. L was her stubborn self and our attempts to contain her were in vain. She wanted to run and explore! She did give us a few adorable shots in her room. Both girls loved the tub of bubbly water and there are some amazing shots of them splashing in their bathing suits. I'll link to the pictures when the photographer gets them up on her site.

This morning my excitement has been hearing J pee all over the wall in the bathroom. I swear he can never get his penis pointed down into the toilet. My bathroom will forever reek of urine. Today he got the wall, all the way across the side of the toilet, about 8 inches across and dripping down to the floor. I guess I'll be repainting later since our builder used flat paint in the bathrooms. (What is with the flat paint? Doesn't everyone know to use satin or semi-gloss in bathrooms and kitchens??) Anyone have any tips on getting J to aim INTO the toilet instead of at the area surrounding it? He does fine standing up (go figure!) but when he sits he's a mess.
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