Monday, June 25, 2007


Today I went to the orthodontist (more on that in a second) and heard the funniest (stupidest?) thing. One of the orthodontist's assistants was talking to me about my kids and was a little surprised that I have 4 kids 4 & under. I told her it was easier when the twins were born, even though the boys were 3 and 1 at the time. The girls couldn't walk or talk back then so life was great. They still don't sleep through the night so not much has changed except that now I get the added bonus of chasing them all day.

So anyway, this lady is asking how I do it... blah, blah, blah. We're talking about how expensive kids are (all 4 of mine will eventually need braces at basically the same exact time) and she laughs. Then she says "they are all expensive the first 2 years but after that it doesn't matter how many kids you have, it's all the same." Ummm, REALLY? I guess having 10 kids is the same as 2 if they are all over age 2? I don't get it? Aren't they MORE expensive after age 2??? And babies are super-cheap if you breastfeed and cloth diaper. I was just totally confused. And all this time I thought college (and braces!) was going to be costly. Not to mention the fact that my boys are already eating us out of house & home. Hard to imagine that the most expensive years are now...

Anyway, the reason I was at the orthodontist was because I need to get braces again. Yes, again. I've had them twice now-7 years total. The first time was in elementary and middle school and was for 5 years. Then, at 19, I got them again for 2 more years. I paid for them myself the second time. It was all out of pocket since I was over 18 and then it's considered "cosmetic." The lovely news today confirmed my fears: I cannot afford braces again. It's over $6,000!!!! How can I justify spending that much money on my teeth? The only reason they are crooked again is because my wisdom teeth came in but I've since had them pulled. I am so self-conscious because of my teeth but I still just can't justify spending enough to buy a used car... on my teeth.

In other news, the boys were at Vacation Bible School today and will be there all week. It's from 9-12 so it's not enough time to get anything done but it's still a break. By the time I unload them from the van and get them into their classes and get the girls loaded back into the van and drive home, it's almost 10 already. Too bad L has learned how to scream or we'd go to the library down the street. The boys are doing great at VBS-even J let me leave him for the first time EVER! In 2 weeks M has basketball camp at church for a week from 9-12 too. Yay!

Tonight was also t-ball practice. J stayed home because he was having trouble listening and peed twice in his pants. I'm not sure what's causing the sudden peeing but he only does it in the van or at home. He stayed dry for 6 hours this morning before and at VBS. He was potty trained for months and then suddenly started having accidents. Any ideas on what might be up?

M and I went to practice and he did great. We drove in the Pathfinder so he was excited because he hasn't gotten to ride in it since we bought the van. Then he got some alone time with me. He loves to play baseball! It's technically t-ball but they don't use the tee for most of the kids because they can hit. M slammed the ball tonight. The only thing is that we think he's a switch hitter. He has always hit lefty but tonight one of the coaches forgot and had him hit righty and he got a home run on the first swing. M also writes with both hands so maybe he's just ambidextrous. Jason and I both are so it wouldn't surprise me. By 4 years old, he should have a clear preference but he doesn't. He even eats with both hands. He's a neat kid!

My other excitement this week is that my brother is coming to visit! I see him whenever I go home to VA, but he hasn't been to my house since I lived in CA and was pregnant with J. I love my little brother but he's been in lots of trouble lately. He's talking about joining the Army so he and Jason can have a good talk when he gets here tomorrow. I can't wait to see my brother!!!

This was a few years ago... probably right around the time M was born. Not sure if it's obvious in this pic, but we look exactly alike. People always think we're twins even though I'm 4 years older. It's pretty funny!
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