Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Must... get... sleep...

I returned home today from another (longer) birth. First-time mom with a natural birth and about 6 hours of pushing. Labor wasn't too long but the pushing stage took a long time since mom was exhausted from lack of sleep. Baby girl is beautiful though and all are doing great!

The birth last week was also a first-time mom. It was a fast labor- she called me to come at 3pm and we were en route to the hospital by 4:30pm. Mom pushed for about 2 hours and baby arrived around 7pm. A beautiful, natural birth and family is all doing well!

Needless to say, I haven't slept since Sunday night. I'm worn out and I am so grateful to one of my best friends who watched all 4 of my children while I was gone today. She is so brave and awesome! I'm so lucky to know her!

Tomorrow will be my day of rest and cleaning. Then we'll be taking a field trip to the airport on Thursday. Somehow I need to make time to sew some diapers this week too. I have a stack of fabric waiting to be cut and it's getting bigger and bigger...
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