Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary... us.

Yep, it's our anniversary today. And I am reminded of how long and short these last 6 years have been. Next week is J's birthday and he'll be 3 years old. Just 3 years ago I only had one child. Why can't I remember what that was like?

Jason stayed home from work today and I slept in until almost 8am! Of course I don't sleep through the night so sleeping in is a big deal to me. Then I made everyone breakfast... waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage & orange juice. I cleaned a little and then we all went to the store. The other kids waited in the van and M and I ran in and bought J bike helmet. (He's getting a bike for his birthday!) We came back home and I had a prenatal. I didn't make it to the store so tomorrow I get to take all of the kids grocery shopping again. (I'll be blogging about that tomorrow!) Then back home and got ready to attempt to go out to dinner. Which was disaster.

We picked a kid-friendly place (Applebee's) but the kids were still not friendly. J peed in his pants on the way there. This has been a trend with him lately and it's getting ridiculous! Dinner was hurried since it was already bedtime. Jason was very stressed and very upset that we didn't have a night alone.

I think we should just go ahead and attempt a new record for longest time since last date. We did just go to the Army Ball but that was not my idea of fun and Jason was working at it, so not exactly a date in my opinion. July 21 will be 5 years since our last night out. Maybe this July 21 we can celebrate and go out again. It can be a "once-every-5-years" thing. Maybe not.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I love being home with them too. I wouldn't trade it for the world! I just miss the days when my meals were still warm and my car wasn't a 12-passenger van and I had time to take a shower and the books that I read did not have pictures of elephants in them. On the other hand, my time will come eventually... and when it does I will long for the days when I chased 2 darling little blondies around the house and built forts with my 2 sweet boys.

Today was a tough day because Jason wanted it to be about us-me & him. And instead, it's always about US-me, him, and 4 little ones. It's ok though. He's entitled to feel that way, especially since we didn't have much time together as a couple before we had kids.

So, yeah... today was our anniversary. Another year down. Many, many, many more to go...
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