Sunday, June 10, 2007

Baby carriers

In addition to my stroller and cloth diaper addictions, I also have a love of baby carriers. I have at least a dozen, most of which are retired. I am currently in love with mei tais and my ring sling wrap. I can carry both babies in either of them-one on the front and one on the back. They are so squirmy that I usually just carry one on the front these days. At the zoo I was even able to nurse the girls in the mei tai and nobody noticed despite the fact that I was like Maggie Gyllenhaal and nursed out of the top of my tank.

I'm excited to see that Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing is having a giveaway for a $75 gift certificate to MamaKanga! I never win these contests but I have to try because I NEED a new baby carrier... to match the new stroller.
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