Monday, May 28, 2007

Sleep Issues

For the 13 months (yes, the girls are 13 months old today!) L & S have slept in my bed. We have a king size bed with a co-sleeper attached. It's been great! They love to sleep with us and they nurse all night long.

On Saturday my husband said "no more." He has been saying he wanted them out of our bed for a while now. J was in his own room at 14 months although he still ended up in our bed, nursing, most nights anyway.

After much discussion we decided that my husband could sleep on the couch and I could continue to cosleep (his idea) or we could try to move the girls to their room now. Neither idea sounded good to me. But I caved and on Saturday night the girls went into their own room for the first night ever in their entire little lives.

Saturday night went ok I guess... We had a baby monitor to hear them wake up since our room is across the house from the other bedrooms. Jason tried to soothe them back to sleep when they woke up but I did nurse them a few times throughout the night. I woke up for church on Sunday feeling distressed and exhausted. It's a lot harder to get up out of bed and wake up than to roll over and nurse a baby while you are still asleep.

Last night was a little better. They were only up 3 times. 3 times?!? When they are in our room they are up twice as many times EACH!!!! So I guess part of it is my fault because I nurse them as soon as they stir, I don't wait until they make noise. With them on the other side of the house it's a lot easier to ignore when they roll over or mumble in their sleep.

Part of me is relieved that I might actually get to sleep through the night soon. Part of me is so sad though. This is the longest I've gone without being pregnant again. M was 11 months and J was 13 months when I conceived again. The girls are now 13 months and I am not pregnant so there is hope that I may sleep through the night for many nights to come. (And yes, we are planning #5 but are hoping to wait another year or two.)

I'm exhausted again this morning but I know it's because I'm getting up out of bed at night and because I'm having trouble sleeping without 2 little warm bodies snuggled up next to mine. It was so sweet this morning to go get the girls when they woke up and bring them back to my bed for nursing, cuddling, and a little lazy morning nap.
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