Thursday, March 08, 2007

One of those days

L & S playing with their twin baby dolls
J cheesing it up

M being the silly guy

Today can only be described as one of those days...

We were supposed to go to a meeting at another LLL Leader's house this morning. It started at 10am. I was up at 7 this morning and got the boys breakfast. I was nursing one of the girls and checking email when my phone rang. It was 7:20 in the morning and my first thought was that it was my client calling in labor. Nope. It was a call about the decorations for the Army Ball in June.

I talked to my friend about the decorations for about an hour. We are supposed to be picking out centerpieces for the tables at this formal ball. Last weekend we spent 2 hours at the craft store picking out what we wanted. Now we have to narrow it down which means getting together again to look at vases and whatnot.

I somehow got sucked into this decorating thing lately. It started with my husband's Battalion Christmas party. I was in charge of decorating for a party of around 500 guests, including my husband's commanders. My friend who helped (the FRG leader) has 6 children of her own, all boys, including a set of identical twins. So the whole time we set up the decorations (over the course of a about a week) we had all 10 of our children with us. It was exciting to say the least!
Anyway, as I was saying... I'm the decorations person now. I've never been to a military ball though. Hell, I never even went to prom! I have lots of ideas but not enough time to follow through with all of them. All this to say that my friend (the FRG leader) and I decided to get together at my house to discuss everything. Which ended up being her and all of the other FRG leaders for the Battalion too. At my house. Tomorrow morning. Yay. (Did I mention my LLL group is in charge of decorations for the annual conference too?)

I got off the phone and frantically started getting children dressed. I got halfway done when I realized it had been a few days since my last shower. (Yeah, nasty, I know!) I plopped the girls in their Jumperoo and exersaucer and headed to the bathroom. Before I even started the water I heard crying and yelling. The boys tipped S out of her Jumperoo and she did a nice face-plant on the floor! Needless to say my shower was over before it started.

At this point I was exhausted and called the other Leader to tell her I was flaking out on the meeting. She offered to let me use her shower and dress the kids there, but there was no way I was leaving my house in my jammies with unwashed hair. Besides, I live 30 minutes from her anyway. I offered to let everyone meet at my house. After all, I have more kids to get ready and load up and it's more work for me to get to her place than her to get to mine. She declined though.

I finally got my shower around 2:30pm when the boys took naps. I did 5 loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed the entire house, did a load of dishes, turned the compost pile, paid bills, sewed a diaper, cleaned up toys, scrubbed the baseboards (for real!!!) and mopped my bathroom. Oh, and I fed the fish, the dog, the cat... and the kids.

So, um, yeah... one of THOSE days.
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